Ginger, Lindsey and their charges

Labrador retrievers are well known for their even temperament and the complete and utter dedication they have toward their humans. For Lindsey Fletcher and Ginger DeLoach, their seven dogs are more like family members than pets. The dogs have a custom built kennel in the center of a large pecan grove where they can roam to their heart’s content and enjoy the fresh country air. While all of their dogs are special what makes a few of them quite unique is their color, or more precisely, their lack of it.

Yellow vs White
Ginger and Lindsey specialize in white labradors. While they are still considered part of the yellow classification, the yellow/tan color has gradually been bred out making some of the dogs a bright white. Lindsey explained, “They breed out their color, but they still have the dark pigment. If you look at their bellies, the skin is still very dark.” The women have brought white labs from all over the country, including a few from as far away as California and Arizona. They choose each new addition carefully, ensuring that each is bred from several generations of white labs. Although they are classified by the AKC as “yellow” and have all of the traits of other Labrador retrievers, they are unmistakenly a breed all their own.

Specialized Training
Ginger and Lindsey also make sure each of their dogs receives the right types of training. Lindsey’s labs are taking dive training, while all of the dogs were recently put through a “Snake Aversion” class put on by Southern Reptile Rescue. The trainers of the Rescue used a control cage and live snakes to teach the dogs how to respond if a snake is encountered while they are out in nature, either alone or with their handler. Most dogs will go through the class once a year to ensure they maintain their learned behaviors.

Snake training at its best
Snake training at its best

The women also socialize their dogs extensively. Lindsey’s animals attend her children’s baseball games, while Ginger takes her dogs on regular walks and outings. Socialization is extremely important because it teaches the dogs how to interact with other dogs and their owners in a safe manner no matter where they may be.

G&L Southern Bred Labradors
Ginger and Lindsey established G&L Southern Bred Labradors in August of 2018. “We will eventually breed to sell, but we will not sell until we have clearance on DIC, heart, hip, elbows, etc. If we do not clear them, we will not breed them. We go by the AKC Core Values and Standards.” said Ginger. The women have received a 100% approval rating by the Department of Agriculture and are members of the National Labrador Retriever Club.

To prove their commitment to the strict AKC guidelines, the women have one dog who was diagnosed with hip issues at eight months old. In spite of having thousands of dollars invested in her, the women retired her immediately and will live on the DeLoach ranch for the rest of her life as a member of the G&L family. Ginger quickly points out, “We are not ‘hobby breeders’. We will never breed other than to better the bloodline. We aren’t in this for the money.”

Lindsey and Dottie
Lindsey and Dottie

Looking to the Future
Only nine months into their venture, the women know it will be at least a year before they are able to breed a litter that they can sell. Until that time, they will continue to grow their bloodline and bring in new white labs to increase its strength and durability. In the meantime, the white labs at G&L Southern Bred Labradors will remain family members more than they are pets, receiving the best care and top of the line food and training that’s available.

If you are interested in learning more, you can contact Ginger and Lindsey at 229-349-3744 or 229-539-4736 or visit

If you would like to learn more about Southern Reptile Rescue, you can call 404-557-2470 or visit


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