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Stripped is one of the more unique businesses that you will find in Valdosta or even South Georgia. What makes the business special are the people you find inside. Kaleigh Pitts and her staff are the best at what they do. If Kaleigh is in the office, her bright smile and cheery disposition are true indicators that she is passionate about her business. She fully understands the nature of the business and is always ready to educate her clients on both the health benefits, and if there are contraindications, she will discuss those as well.

Specialty Waxing Services
“We offer all waxing services, from head to toe, and everything in between. We specialize in Brazilians and brows,” said Kaleigh. (Brazilians are waxing services for everything in the pubic area.) While Kaleigh and her staff only offer Brazilians to women, she laughingly claims, “Literally, if you have hair on it, we have a service for you!”

The prices at Stripped are affordable with an eyebrow wax starting at $12, a bikini wax is $35, and full legs are $70. If a person chooses multiple services, prices are slightly discounted. After waxing, the hair that returns is lighter, finer, and, much thinner. Kaleigh recommends waxing treatments be scheduled five to seven weeks apart for body waxes and two to three weeks apart for facial waxes. Before a waxing can be performed, the hair has to reach a certain length for the treatment to be effective.

Your waxing awaits!
Your waxing awaits!

Benefits and Contraindications
Kaleigh and her staff are well aware of the benefits that waxing offers. Because they use hard wax in their services, there is a reduced risk of irritation and lifting skin. With the hard wax, they can create a more defined brow or treatment area because the wax doesn’t slip or shift. It stays exactly where they put it. The precision that hard wax offers is by allowing the aesthetician the ability to work on even the most sensitive areas of the face. This boosts confidence and allows clients to feel good about how they look without having to worry about irritated skin or ingrown hairs.

Unlike the traditional soft wax that can actually lift away the top layer of skin, hard wax is thicker and doesn’t require a paper strip to be removed. Because of the wax’s firmness, the aesthetician can peel it away easily without having to use any other materials. Hard wax is used on much smaller sections, again, making it easier to treat areas with sensitive skin.

There are contraindications to waxing. Kaleigh offered, “We don’t wax for the sake of waxing. We wax for the benefit of our clients.” She went on to explain that there are certain times when waxing is contraindicated. People who take retinols or are on the medication Accutane, cannot have a wax performed due to the increased risk of their skin lifting. They also turn people away if they have a severe sunburn or have any type of active skin irritation.

Fully Trained and Licensed
All of the staff at Stripped are fully trained and licensed. Kaleigh and each of her staff members is either a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician. While much of what they needed to know they were taught in school, Kaleigh offers additional training on the art of using the hard wax. It is less common than the soft wax when it comes to education but the benefits are far greater and Kaleigh has spent years fine-tuning her skills. It’s this knowledge and experience that she passes on to each technician in her salon. She works with them regularly so they all know the same techniques and procedures. This allows them to provide each client with the best possible service every time they enter the salon.

What You Can Expect
Kaleigh received her license seven years ago and started working at Stripped the day it opened on September 1st, 2012. Four years later, opportunity knocked on her door and she was able to purchase the business from the previous owner. It didn’t take long for her passion to urge her to open another Stripped location in Thomasville.

One of the most important aspects of her business has to do with getting to know her clients. “We listen to them. They tell us about their lives and we become part of their families,” said Kaleigh. The clients often confide in her and her staff knowing that the conversations they have will go no further. The intimate nature of the services they provide often fosters a level of trust that Kaleigh truly respects and appreciates.

Two Convenient Locations
Stripped has two locations. The Valdosta salon is located at 1801 Canterbury Street #8 and is closed on Sunday and Monday. The Thomasville salon is located at 1211 E. Jackson Street. If you would like to book an appointment, you can call 229-242-3334. Leave a detailed message and one of the girls will call you back.

Stripped staff Valdosta location
Stripped staff Valdosta location
Stripped staff Thomasville location
Stripped staff Thomasville location

If you are looking for specialty wax services, count on Kaleigh Pitts and her team of waxing professionals! They will do everything they can to make you look and feel beautiful!


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