jimmy allen antiques

Jimmy Allen is a character. He has spent his life collecting things and always looking for the unique items that many people would more than likely pass by. As someone who grew up in the country, Jimmy knows antiques. He also knows where to find the best deals. Jimmy has turned his love of all things old and beautiful into a thriving business where he shares what he knows with those who are most interested in the stories.

jimmy allen antiques
Just a few of the vendors waiting to share their treasures

It Started As A Hobby
At Allen’s Antiques in Moultrie, you can see the collection of items Jimmy has amassed over the years. Some are newer than others, but all of them have found a place in Jimmy’s shop just waiting to catch the eye of someone who wants to take them home. Jimmy has always liked old things, and over the years, collecting became a hobby. Opening the business was like a dream come true. Jimmy will buy, sell, and trade with anyone who brings in items they are looking to get rid of.

“I’ve been here at this site for about 15 years. I started out with this storage unit and I gradually expanded. Now we have vendors as well as the storage units.” said Jimmy. The unique thing about Jimmy’s business is that some of the storage units are actually small vendor shops. Vendors store their items in the storage unit and on Saturdays, gather together, open the doors and set up shop.

keith hall antiques
A beautiful old vanity waiting for it’s new home in Keith Hall’s “booth”

The More the Merrier
Vendors sell everything from small trinkets to large pieces of “repurposed” furniture. Some even sell furniture items they have made. Sammy Summerlin’s husband, Ben, has created many of the things in their unit. Joe Lawson and Carol Kelly also have units at the property, both selling a blend of items ranging from ceramics to paintings to original, hand-crafted items. Keith Hall has multiple units at the property, but unlike the other vendors, he deals primarily in architectural items and large pieces of furniture.

jimmy allen
The view looking in to Jimmy’s “warehouse”

Antiques Galore
When you walk into the large door leading to Jimmy’s “warehouse” you will see shelves that are completely packed with almost anything you can imagine. Hanging from the ceiling, you can find guitars and John Deer pedal tractors. Every corner of the warehouse holds treasures and antiques galore. He even has a few international treasures as well, like a small vintage stamp box from Italy. The more you look, the more you find. Taking a walk through Jimmy’s warehouse is sure to stir up old memories, certain items reminding you of a time long passed where hard work and strong family views were the norm and not the exception.

carol kelly repurpose
A few of the items you can find in Carol Kelly’s “booth”

The “Repurpose” Movement
Many of the items at Jimmy’s warehouse are still useful and can be used for their original purpose or turned into something new. The same is true for many of the pieces Keith Hall has in his unit. Doors, window frames, tables, dressers, as well as many other types of antiques are commonly sought after by people who are involved in what is now referred to as the “repurpose” movement. They take broken or worn antiques of almost any size, shape, and use, and turn them into something new and exciting. Many of the repurposed items are beautifully crafted giving old pieces of furniture new life.

jimmy allen antiques
In Jimmy’s warehouse, you’ll even find treasures hanging from the ceiling.

If you are looking for an item from your childhood or just something neat to add to your collection of memorabilia or antiques, stop by Jimmy Allen’s warehouse on Fridays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The warehouse is located at 228 N. McNaughton Boulevard in Moultrie. Just one visit to the storage warehouse and you will be amazed at some of the things you can find. You may even find a few things you didn’t know you would ever see again. Make sure to visit each of the vendors and explore the creativity that can be found from unit to unit. And while you’re there, take a few minutes and talk to Jimmy!


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