41 & Main

You know that moment when the waitress approaches your table and you’re already prepared to say “No, thank you” to the proposition of dessert?  Well, this isn’t one of those moments.  I know I am tardy to the party when it comes to darkening the door of 41 & MAIN.  After multiple recommendations, I had no doubt the experience was going to be good…the question was how good.  The establishment has the advantage of being staged between other appealing stores in downtown Tifton.  There was no mistaking where I was once the red and black placard caught my eye. 

41 & MAIN
Fresh salad greens

I arrived early in the afternoon, so I had my choice of booth or table.  I chose to take up an entire booth since the dinner rush was about two hours out.  I asked my waitress how big was their pizza.  She said it was between a small and a medium.  She helped me out with my order when she informed me that I could get a ½ pizza and add on the salad bar.  I had already seen the salad bar, so I was really happy about that. 

41 & MAIN
Pickle Fries

I ordered a sweet tea and Pickle Fries for an appetizer.  Believe me, these are not fried pickles; they are whole Pickle Fries.  The flavor you expect from a fried pickle combined with the tangy sauce was a great way to start the meal.  The salad bar is certainly worth a trip; containing several sections, it offers all those vegetables you may not eat otherwise.  I am thankful that I only ordered a ½ of a pizza—“The 41.”  The 41 comes with smoky pepperoni, seasoned ground beef, Italian sausage & bacon.  The dusty, pita-like taste of the crust combined with a very cheesy layer underneath all that meat almost made me feel guilty for eating something that tasted that good.  Rest assured, the portion size of this pizza was perfect; I had to take some of it home. 

41 & Main
Brownie Tower

Saving the best for last, I had to have something called the Brownie Tower.  The Brownie Tower consists of a fudge brownie with nuts, topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel syrup.  Not just a bunch of brownie pieces with ice cream; a tower of brownie pieces in tall glass interwoven with ice cream and caramel syrup.             

The ambiance, which is important, was clean, classy and consistent.  I never had to ask for a drink refill or extra napkins or any condiments.  If you haven’t been to 41 & MAIN, make your next meal in downtown Tifton.  High expectations will be met with big flavor and great service. 

41 and Main
343 Main St S
Tifton, Ga 31794
Phone: 229-472-1200
Fax: 229-445-3208
Monday – Saturday 11 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 3 PM
(For Large Parties of 15 or more call) 229-326-9646


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