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Locally grown and veteran owned, Southern Psychological and Behavioral Services, LLC (SPBS) is equipped with a capable staff that provides a full range of services to their patients.

According the SPBS website, their mission is to ensure the highest quality of clinical care to assist individuals they serve and their families to have their best life possible. Indeed, they are doing just that.

SPBS is a multidisciplinary center with in-house licensed clinicians assisting children and adults dealing with behavioral/mental disorders. These disorders include Autism, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome. Dr. Twyla Mancil, owner and licensed psychologist of SPBS, provides thorough psychological and educational testing for children to determine what kind of care is needed. Her comprehensive experience with autism sets her apart from other psychologists who purchase autism kits online but lack the knowledge to understand the results.

According to the SPBS website, Dr. Mancil has completed various internships and a postdoctoral fellowship focused on diagnosing and treating patients with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. When parents come in with questions about their children’s disorder, she does her best to provide a clear understanding of how complex the autism spectrum is.

“ I tell parents if you’ve seen one child with Autism you’ve see one child.” Dr. Mancil said. “Because they can all have various issues and they’re not all alike.”

The Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) center is run by Dr. G. Richmond Mancil and Dr. Suzanne Mancil. ABA helps treat patients who have severe behavioral hindrances such as feeding and toileting. These are the two major focus points for ABA in the State of Georgia.  Children who are not toilet trained are placed in special needs courses, although they are academically on track with their classmates.

“We have a lot of kids on the autism spectrum that may not be potty trained, but cognitively it doesn’t mean that there’s necessarily a delay,” Dr. Mancil said.

ABA also focuses on proper disciplinary action for autistic kids. “It’s not the same as a typical developing kid,” Richmond said. According to Richmond, autistic children won’t react to physical discipline the same way a normally developing child would. SPBS spends a lot of time working with parents to develop effective parenting strategies for special needs children.

photo courtesy of SPBS website

SPBS also works hard to support the military by providing care to military families and accepting military health insurance. Co-owner, Josiah Jones is a proud veteran who stresses the importance of making special accommodations for military families dealing with psychological and behavioral disorders. In special cases such as sudden deployment, SPBS is willing to reschedule appointments to make sure their patients receive the help they need. 

SPBS offers 50 years of combined experience, with a team of people working hard to make life easier for those living with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, PTSD and other disorders.

SPBS offices are located at 2236 Bemiss Road, Valdosta Ga. Their phone number is 229-474-9800. They are currently accepting patients 18 months to adult.


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