Pine Grove Elementary School is incorporating the PBIS system for positive behavior.

PBIS is a positive behavior intervention system that utilizes lessons on correct school behaviors to encourage students to follow school rules to be successful. Faculty members teach student expectations school-wide and reward students’ success in academics, good behavior, and citizenship.

Students may receive a PAWS ticket for:
Practicing compassion, 
Acting responsibly, 
Working hard and 
Showing respect.

Students earning PAWS tickets will be rewarded with pop up parties, extra recess and treats or a school-wide pep rally, outdoor incentives like water activities, KONA ice or dance parties. A different PAWS behavior is spotlighted each month. Teachers nominate students based on PBIS expectations to represent their class as a Viking of the month. These students are given a Viking of the month sign to proudly display in their yard. Students that exemplify PAWS behaviors consistently and stand out as excellent examples of positive behavior are nominated for the principals pick award that is recognized at school assemblies.

Each month faculty members also nominate a staff member and a teacher who go above and beyond to be recognized for their outstanding work. These staff members receive gifts from our community partners, Jodi’s accessories and Texas Roadhouse.

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