The story of Jonah is arguably the most compelling account of a harrowing experience culminating into a personal destiny of triumph. A snapshot of one man’s life inspired a restaurant that has gone on to “save” many people from their hungering and thirsting after delicious cuisine.
Jonah’s fish and grits is one word: exquisite.

The entrance to Jonah’s resembles a filtered, Technicolor Instagram picture of a place in Europe that may or may not actually exist. The difference is that this place is real, and it is right here South Georgia. The simple, clean and classy black and white view from the front door could go on the cover of any magazine. The cobblestone pathway that leads to the outdoor seating competes with the attractiveness of the main dining room. Amongst the crowd of ever-present patrons, there is an overall sense of control within the staff’s demeanor.

Now, Jonah’s menu is nothing to run away from. My wife and I ordered a half-and-half tea, and sweet tea respectively. The taste of both is exactly what you would expect in this part of the country. Everyone is served a basket of warm, seasoned hushpuppies once they sit down. Smooth butter spread on the inside of this sweet and salty bread is a terrific tease to what is in store.

We began with an appetizer of two crab cakes. A consensus was reached after the entire meal was over that those two crab cakes were probably the rock stars of the night. Each one was juicy, full of red and green surprises and crispy on the outside. The plate was strewn with a sauce carrying an eye-popping tang; complimenting the flavor of the ocean. Being an appetizer, Jonah’s didn’t skimp on the portion size either.

Grilled Salmon
Grilled Scottish Salmon

My entrée consisted of grilled Scottish Salmon, sautéed spinach and cheddar grits. The salmon was delivered to the table hot but not dried out with distinctive grill marks; the inside was delicate while the outside’s grittiness reminded you of the way it was prepared. The spinach was crispy but easy to chew; folded in with a creamy, white sauté. The cheddar grits are must have when you visit Jonah’s. This southern tradition is perfected by just the right amount of grits and white cheddar blended together to a medium-thick consistency.

Teriyaki Chicken and Brussels Sprouts

My wife selected the Teriyaki chicken, Brussels sprouts and cheddar grits. No stranger to her own stint at judging taste, she is difficult to impress. However, tonight each of her five senses was given a gift of satisfaction. The most talked about item of hers was the sprouts. Usually reserved for ingredients in a glass jar of infant food, they are transformed into a grilled, crunchy and sweet delight. Jonah’s can make the pickiest eater pick these miniature cabbages every time.

Brick Facade of Jonah’s in Thomasville

Along with the taste bud circus we experienced is the ambiance. We asked to sit along the vine-covered brick wall on the cobblestone alleyway. An added detail much appreciated was the inconspicuous heaters that peppered the decorative lighting along the top of the outside dining tables.

Jonah’s fish and grits is more than a restaurant. It is an experience that can be enjoyed by the most casual patron and worthy of the most sophisticated food connoisseur. If you are ever compelled to visit Jonah’s, don’t fight it; embrace it. You will be amazed at how you feel.

Jonah’s fish & grits
109 E Jackson St
Thomasville, GA 31792
(229) 226-0508

Saturday 11AM–9PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 11AM–2PM, 5–8:30PM
Tuesday 11AM–2PM, 5–8:30PM
Wednesday 11AM–2PM, 5–8:30PM
Thursday 11AM–2PM, 5–8:30PM
Friday 11AM–3PM, 5–9PM


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