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My dad always used to say, “If you go to a steakhouse, don’t order the fish, if you go to a fish house, don’t order the steak.” When a restaurant tells you what their expertise is, believe them. Today I had the pleasure of eating lunch at Sweet T’s Smokehouse in Adel, Georgia.

sweet t'sI have eaten at Sweet T’s before, so I already knew what to expect. I was looking forward to an eye-full of food and stomach-full of satisfaction. First, if Yogi Berra were alive today he would say, “No one goes to that restaurant anymore, it’s too crowded.” One way to usually tell how good the food is on the inside, is to see how many cars are parked on the outside. Sweet T’s is always full of patrons, but don’t let that stop you from being one of them.

I decided since I was alone I would get my meal to go. I placed my order for the regular pork sandwich, fries, sweet tea and a piece of “Death by Chocolate” cake. As busy as they were, I only waited a few minutes for my meal to arrive at the counter.sweet t's

The pork sandwich comes with a side of their original flavor bar-be-que sauce. If you want a different kind of sauce, just let them know. My favorite characteristic of their bar-be-que is that you don’t really have to put any sauce on it. Some restaurants serve up dry meat and leave the seasoning, saucing, and moisturizing to the customer. Sweet T’s pork is cooked within in own savory juices, so you don’t have to saturate it with sauce in order to chew it. However, the original sauce is very delicious and worth spreading on the inside of the sandwich for an extra kick. The fries look appetizing and taste excellent as well.

Orange-brown in color, the fries have tiny barnacles of what I call “cracklins” on the outside and they are just the right amount of crispiness on the inside. Of course, you have to order sweet tea when you go to a place called Sweet T’s. The tea is as advertised-sweet. The chocolate cake was a delightful end to already flavorful meal. The cake itself was light, fluffy and moist; and not because it was smeared with icing, like some others I’ve had. The chocolate icing was a smooth and rich compliment to the chocolate cake that could have stood on its own.

sweet t'sAs this was not my first time at Sweet T’s, I was glad that their consistency has remained over the years. They have a formula that works and they are sticking to it. Attentive customer service, fast delivery times and great tasting food all make a great place to eat.

Sweet T’s is definitely worth the trip to Adel.

701 S Hutchinson Ave
Adel, GA 31620
(229) 896-1665
Hours: 11AM- 2 PM


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