The Tybee Island Marine Science Center’s sea turtle Marine Debris Ambassador, Admiral, is moving from her 65-gallon “Creature Feature” tank to the main 800-gallon sea turtle tank. Based on her size and activity level, the move is about a month ahead of the usual schedule, but her caretaker is ready for her to be in a more stimulating environment. The bigger tank will include other species like spot fish and PVC “toys” to keep Admiral entertained, as well as more live feedings to prepare her for fending for herself in the wild.

“This is a bigger playground for her, so to speak,” said husbandry curator, Chantal Audran. “She’ll be in this tank until she reaches two years old, when we’ll release her to the ultimate sea turtle playground…the Sargasso Sea area of the Atlantic Ocean. In the meantime, we are thrilled to have such a healthy, handsome sea turtle to help us educate visitors.”

In 2018, the Tybee center had over 56,000 visitors participate in programs. “As we gear up for building a new center on the north end of Tybee, Admiral will continue to be a great ambassador in fostering our mission and helping people connect to the unique environment of Georgia’s coast,” said Tybee Island Marine Science Center Executive Director, Maria Procopio.

The center will focus programming around Admiral with daily feedings, weekly measurements, and their popular Turtle Talks, offered daily at 3 pm.

About the Tybee Island Marine Science Center: The Tybee Island Marine Science Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to cultivate responsible stewardship of coastal Georgia’s natural resources through education, conservation, and research.  http://www.tybeemarinescienc.org


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