happy new year

Welcome to a new year; and if you still write checks, good luck with the “19.” I usually pick up the new number somewhere around St. Patrick’s Day.

Many people will also make one or more new-year’s resolutions this month. According to businessinsider.com, 80% of new-year’s resolutions are broken by February. Therefore, I fully intend to begin and end 2019 the same way; by not making any resolutions at all.

There aren’t a lot of changes I would like to see in my life, and I know if I try to do something unique, I will just get bored with it anyway. I have decided to spend the first three months of the year complaining about how cold I am, Atlanta still not winning the Superbowl, and having to face my next birthday. The next three months will allow for mowing my grass, putting my sweater vests in the back of the closet, and contemplating our Saint Simons Island beach trip. Months seven through nine will consist of contracting my annual sunburn, taking notes on my favorite football teams, and wearing shorts and t-shirts. The last three months of the year will be spent dressing up as “Dwight Shrute” for Halloween, pulling out my infamous sweater vests, and eating way too much comfort food. In the midst of these activities my family and I will watch “Christmas Vacation” for the 17th time, visit “Grandmom’s” house every Sunday, and make it just in time for piano lessons and dance recital practices.

The word resolution means “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” This year, I am making a firm decision to not make any new firm decisions. Wake me up when it’s 2020.


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