de'Andre moore

Most teenage boys will look for any way they can to get out of doing their chores or working for their parents. They like to play video games and have fun with their friends. De’Andre Moore is no different. For as much as he likes to do those things, he understands that when you come from a large family and have multiple siblings, you may need to take on a job or two. It’s hard enough for parents to make ends meet, especially at Christmas time.

de'andre moore
De’Andre with his mother, Victoria Fullwood

Hard Work and Love for His Family
De’Andre was a 13-year old on a mission earlier this month. He visited as many businesses as he could in Hahira to do odd jobs. Big or small, he would do whatever they needed. He didn’t ask for a specific price for each job, he says, “I just get what they give me.” Why all the hard work? He wanted to buy his mom something special for Christmas. You can tell how special their bond is when they talk to one another. The same is true with his siblings. Even when his 16-year old sister puts his lawnmower in the ditch when she’s working for him, he still loves her!

Always Busy
From the time De’Andre was small, his mother Victoria Brown Fullwood says, “ He’s always been that helpful person. At school, ever since he was little, he always wants to help the teachers.” They have told her many times, that he will be a deacon someday. The smile on her face shows how proud she is of him and how he always takes the initiative. She says, “If something needs to be done, he will do it.” There are times when he will even encourage his siblings to help him. De’Andre loves working for the merchants up town, when asked who he likes to work for the most, he smiled and said, “All of them!”

Just Your Average Teenager
When you first meet De’Andre, he’s quiet, very polite, and a little shy. He’s just your average teenager. He struggles with his grades at times, especially Math, ELA and Science, but he loves Social Studies and likes to learn about history. He always tries to put his studies first before setting out to find odd jobs. Even though studying isn’t on his list of favorite things to do, he tries his best and would even consider having someone tutor him with the subjects he has trouble with. He’s determined to succeed.

de'andre mooreWhen De’Andre gets older, he would like to become a police officer. He loves helping others and he knows it’s hard work. That’s part of the reason for visiting the merchants in downtown Hahira. He likes taking on the jobs they may not have time to do themselves. When asked what kind of jobs he likes the most, De’Andre says, “I like washing cars, cutting grass, and other jobs too.” He will do any job the merchants ask, including washing their store windows and signs.

Family Values
Victoria and her husband, Deontae Fullwood, have their hands full with their six kids. The sense of pride in their family is strong and its apparent that the siblings are close. De’Andre and his sisters are eager to help Deontae wash cars or do whatever chores that may need to be done. They also help their mom. The house is full of positivity and their family values are firmly in place.

Meeting De’Andre, his siblings, and his parents, you can tell there is a lot of love in their home. They work together, play together, and enjoy spending time together. Doing things together brings them closer as a family. Deontae is in the process of starting a car washing business and he knows without a doubt that De’Andre will be right there working along side him.

de'andre moore
De’Andre and his siblings


  1. Very good article about a young man on his way to a good life. Both parents in his life to help set good examples. I hope he keeps his motivation and positive attitude and succeeds in life. Well written piece. From Nancy Stewart in Indiana.


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