In the South, when food is really plentiful, expertly seasoned and the table is full, it is said that the cook “put their foot in it.”  That means it is good and you’ll want to come back for seconds if there are any.  Country Love Soulfood and BBQ probably says it more eloquently: “Every plate made with love.”

Having not been open long, I wanted to try one of their dishes that is becoming famous fast.  Today’s menu entrees were Fried/Baked Pork Chop or Baked Spaghetti.  I chose the pork chop along with mashed potatoes, green beans, dinner roll and of course sweet tea.

The fried pork chop made me nostalgic for the numerous home-cooked meals I had at my grandparent’s house as well as when my dad carried on the family tradition of cooking pork chops with just little fat left around the edge.  I tasted of the green beans first, and I was pleased to find out they were seasoned perfectly.  These beans did not come out of a can that way.  The mashed potatoes were also salty and peppery and complimented the rest of the meal.  I saved the roll for last because I was raised to “sop up the pot liquor” with my bread at the end of the meal.

Attempting to savor every bite, the pork chop was eaten patiently in reverence to the hands that prepared it. I considered asking for a knife, but the southern etiquette dictated that I just use my God-given utensils.  Country Love also had jumbo rice crispy treats for dessert, which were also delicious.  As their business grows I suspect they will be able to offer more varieties of dessert to accent their soulfood menu.

The atmosphere consisted of a fast and friendly seating arrangement combined with an attentive staff.  The wait was minimal and the price was right at under $12.00.  I recommend making the drive to Hahira for lunch or dinner Friday through Sunday and experience this love on a plate.  Remember, LOCAL business is YOUR business!

Country Love Soulfood and BBQ 
103 South Webb Street
Hahira, GA 31632
(706) 389-1296



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