Lowndes County schools

At the annual GASBO (Georgia Association of School Business Officials) conference this year Lowndes County Schools Assistant Superintendent Ken Overman received two awards.

The first was an award sponsored by ARISTA, “The Financial Innovator” award. This award was designed to highlight innovative ideas at work in Georgia K-12 Schools. One of the many advancements noted was, Mr. Overman has begun changing the governmental mindset that you must spend every dollar or you lose it, he has empowered principals with the ability to carry over funds while yielding savings back to the general fund.

Mr. Overman also received the “Outstanding Business Official Award” which is reserved for an individual who has gone above and beyond to exhibit qualities of professionalism, leadership, and innovation in business management. In his recommendation it was mentioned, by actively building relationships, Mr. Overman understands the significance of effective communication and teamwork in order to achieve success. Under his leadership, Lowndes County School has achieved a 4.5 Financial Efficiency Rating for the third year in a row. This accomplishment was only earned by nine of the 180 school districts in the state of Georgia. With his guidance, we grew from borrowing money to make payroll to having a responsible fund balance. He put practices and procedures in place that helped clean up our finance department and worked with principals and department heads to align their budgets with our strategic plan to meet the needs of our students and staff.



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