Louie Smalls

Sometimes we get so busy eating our food we forget to taste it. Louie Smalls bills itself as “a unique blend of international flavors with a Spanish flare.” I highly recommend you treat yourself to Louie Smalls when you are not in a hurry; not because you’ll have to wait a long time to eat, but because the taste bud rewards in these dishes are not to be forfeited in this “grab and go” society.

The entire experience was characterized by the audible conversation between the kitchen, wait staff and owner. Customer service is apparently a high priority, as each member of the team seemed to know everyone’s order and who was next in line. This made the dining experience more enjoyable because the attention to detail was very obvious and I was made to feel like I was important.

I asked for a Coke as my drink and it came out momentarily in a medium-sized cup with no ice. I smiled as the wait staff placed it on my table, because I have never liked ice in my drinks. This is one time ice cubes didn’t have to compete with Coca-Cola for my attention.
My entrée of choice was the Mexican Cemita. The Cemita consists of several ingredients made up of sweet and salty layers of diverse textures of meat and vegetables on a hoagie bun. To call this a sandwich would be an insult to the entire culinary community. The hoagie bun was full-to-overflowing just enough to satisfy the eyes as it ultimately became a proper portion for the stomach.

Along the side came a green leafy salad with wasabi vinaigrette dressing. So many salads err on the side of tasting sugary, this one was a bitter-sweet compliment to the Cemita. A nice addition, but not overpowering, was the creamy avocado sauce; which I verified with the owner did not belong on the salad.

At last, I inquired about the many unique flavors of ice cream. For example, I chose the mushroom peach. All I can say is, give peaches (with mushrooms) a chance. You’ll want to definitely leave room for dessert. The Cemita, salad, and ice cream all combined to offer the most flavorful lunch time meal I have ever eaten.

Louie Smalls is located at 110 North Ashley Street in Valdosta.  Their phone number is 229.474.0890 and are open 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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