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Editors Note: South Georgia Today is pleased to present this limited run series, Hahira’s Working Women. This series will focus on the amazing women who own or manage a business in Hahira, or hold a position of leadership within this small community. These articles will run twice a week until all of these amazing women have told their stories. You won’t want to miss a single one of these stories.

Since May of 2014, Vertice Boutique has offered a variety of merchandise to their customers. Owners Missy and Morgan Davis started their little business in their home selling jewelry, candles and a variety of other items. As their business grew, they decided to move into a brick and mortar store. The moment they set foot in the door at 100 South Church Street in Hahira, their dream of owning an actual storefront started to come true. The goal was to provide the Hahira community with affordable fashion items that were both trendy and stylish. Some of the items they offer are unique to the Hahira/Cook County area, while others bring a little worldly style to the small, hometown community.

Missy Parker Davis is a middle school teacher at Hahira Middle School. As a teacher of 20 years, she is well-known to most parents and students who live in the Hahira area. Missy often comes into the store with a trail of teenagers following behind her. She loves working in the store and talking to the customers. Morgan says, “My mom is a very caring person. She loves to talk to everybody who comes in here.” Morgan loves the fact that she gets to work with her mom. They work together well and love being able to spend time together.

vertice boutiqueMorgan graduated earlier this year from “Ole Miss” in Oxford, Mississippi with a degree in Political Science. Her heart, however, is firmly planted at Vertice where she handles all of the store’s marketing and advertising needs. As she looks to the future, her goal is to create an online presence where customers can shop from home. She knows that this approach will bring in more local customers as well as allowing the store to be a favorite shopping venue for those who live outside the Hahira and Cook/Lowndes County areas.

During their time in business, the small store has expanded twice. First to the store front on South Church Street and then with the acquisition of the adjoining building to the west. The store now offers a wide variety of clothing, candles, accessories, and many other items that are affordable and evergreen. The products in the store cater to people of all ages who are looking for just the right style and flair while still staying on a budget.vertice boutique

The word “Vertice” means summit in Italian. When Morgan’s dad came up with the name, they all agreed it was unique and had a good “sound” to it. Now, as Missy continues to teach and manage the store, Morgan is looking toward her future. In May she hopes to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee and begin a career in marketing. That doesn’t mean Vertice Boutique will be far from her thoughts. She will still be taking care of all the store’s advertising and marketing needs and assisting her mom with the online aspects of the business. Both women have high hopes for the boutique as it continues to grow. As working women in Hahira, Vertice Boutique is only the first summit they will conquer as they move forward with their goals.


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