Jacks Chop House

jacks chop houseA familiar location has a new name, and it is Jack; Jack’s Chophouse to be exact.  South Georgia natives are well-versed in the quaint structure attached to a rustic scene of wire fences and intermittent herds of cattle.  A casual observer can see that this newly opened restaurant maintains a full parking lot that overflows into the grassy area that surrounds its borders.

Eager to join the crowd, the perceived atmosphere prompted me to wear my “Jim Harbaugh” khakis, just to make sure I wasn’t underdressed.  Apparently, I aimed for and hit right in the middle of the dress code.  I walked past tables with folks dressed in formal evening gowns and tuxedoes as well as others that were more comfortable in denim and cowboy boots.   As it was a Saturday night, I was afraid we would have a long wait to be seated.  Much to my pleasant surprise, my dinner date and I were seated almost immediately.  The décor includes wild animal heads on the wall the likes of which one would find on an African safari.  Wood and brick make up the rest of the interior walls, with dark colors that complement the overall ambiance of dimly lit ceilings and candlelight tables.

As our waitress took our orders, she was pleasant and courteous.  As a matter of fact, all the wait staff seemed efficient, but not disheveled.  The sweet tea was a true southern treat.  If you like your tea sweet, this is the place to go.  As I was about to comment to my dinner date that I wish they offered some sort of complimentary appetizers like bread or pickles, our waitress brought us 3 dinner rolls in a basket presented in a newspaper-type wrapper.  Soft, sweet butter and a dusting of flour on top made the biscuits a tasty pre-dinner indulgence.

My dinner consisted of grilled asparagus, baked potato, and a 6-ounce filet mignon.  First, each asparagus stalk was crispy, not rubbery; seasoned reasonably along with a brush of oil.  If you don’t think you like asparagus, I encourage you to try this green vegetable prepared this way.  Second, I’ve never had a baked potato in which the skin was just as delicious as the potato itself.  The entire potato was buttery, salty and fork-tender.  Last, but certainly not least, the filet mignon was cooked as I ordered, medium well.  The outside was actually a little crunchy with deep grill marks on each side.  The inside was tender, pink and smokey; no steak sauce necessary.

jacks chop house

Our entrees were put down in front of us by a gregarious gentleman that introduced the meal to us and commented on our choice of vegetables, which gave the experience a personal touch.

For under $50, we enjoyed a high-quality meal delivered with above-average customer service.  Jack’s Chophouse may be new, but the old familiar feelings remain the same.




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