love one another south georgia today

Recently, my family has experienced some devastating events. The loss of two family members within a week of one another truly brings a family together.

The closeness that my family has shared since we were all kids is really something very special. We are very much like other families, I would imagine, in that we come together in times of need.

Today, as I was driving in the procession of my first cousin’s funeral, it dawned on me that maybe not everyone has a family, or maybe has never experienced the closeness, the bond a family can share. I thought, if they had a family like mine, maybe they wouldn’t have acted so disrespectfully today.

As the procession came through downtown Hahira, I witnessed a few cars that didn’t have enough respect for my family to stop their car, but one car really got my attention.

She came barreling through downtown Hahira, with no regard to what was happening in the lane opposite her, she seemed clueless really. Even as my nephew, acting in his role of County Coroner sped toward her, in her lane, as an escort for our family, she continued to ignore what was happening in the world around her. She eventually was “guided” over, long enough for our escort to pass, but then quickly sped away again.

As I continued to the cemetery, I reflected on how far our country has fallen in my lifetime.

As a child, we were taught to take off our hat when we entered a building, to respect our elders and to say ma’am, sir, please and thank you. We said the Pledge of Allegiance in school every morning, and yes, everyone pulled off the road in respect for a passing funeral procession. That was at the top of the “respect” list.

So my question is this; what has happened to good old respect in our world? Students don’t respect teachers, children don’t respect their parents, employees don’t respect their employers, and citizens don’t respect their President. How did this happen, how did we fall so far from the teachings of our childhood?

I was born at the very tail end of the Baby Boomer generation; I was raised right. I raised my kids right. Yes, they are millennials, but they have a strong work ethic, they respect me and others who are older or in a position of power over them. Where did this sense of entitlement originate? Where did people learn to be so disrespectful?

I must admit, I became very angry today at the blatant act of disrespect that was hurled at my family. I allowed myself to take my focus off my Aunt and Uncle, and my cousin’s wife. Actually, I get angry most days at what I see happening around me. I really hate seeing folks mistreated because of their skin color, their political affiliations or because of the choices they make. Are we not are all equal in our God’s eyes?

I am not perfect, Lord knows I am far from it. I’d like to think that I put others first, that I consider another’s feelings and that I don’t purposefully disrespect anyone. I can’t imagine living any other way.

I wonder, did this lady today just not see what was happening around her, even with the blue lights staring her in the face? Did she just not care? Was she not raised right?

If we continue down this path we will eventually all hate one another. We must remember the Great Commandment; Love they neighbor as thyself. I believe if we love our neighbor, we would never dare to disrespect them.

We’ve just got to get right ya’ll.


  1. Vicki I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve lived in the Northeast and Texas and visited the Pacific Northwest – I’ve never seen the funeral-pulling-over thing anywhere else but the South. I think it’s another one of many reasons that the South is such a great place to live. I remember seeing it myself for the first time, and how embarrassed I was when I got home and the family told me why everyone was pulling over.
    Nowadays I not only pull over, I pray for the family/friends too as they pass by. I figure it’s a good way to pass those few minutes. <3


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