a bag to goLife hands us only a handful of real, legitimate pleasures; one of them being food. In my travels, I have passed by this locally owned and operated establishment that harbors the self-proclaimed, “Best Chili Dogs In Town.” I promised myself the next time I was in the vicinity, I was going to take them up on their claim.

There is an unassuming note that says “knock on the window” to initiate the ordering process. A nice lady with a pleasant demeanor waits for my request. “I’d like the number two combo please,” I say. This option includes two chili dogs, potato chips and a 12 oz. can of original Coca-Cola. For the frugally minded, the prices are terrific. My meal came to a grand total of $4.25. The main appeal to this lunch lies in its simplicity. The chili dogs were surrounded by a fresh, warm hot dog bun-not too hot, and certainly not cold and crusty. The overall temperature met expectations; not so hot that I had to wait for a South Georgia breeze to cool it off. As for the chili, well, I don’t know how many other chili dogs there are in town, but “A Bag to Go” has a chili recipe that will please even the most sensitive pallet.

I kept staring at a homemade sign of orange construction paper that read, “Fried lemon pie.” Having not ordered it at first, I thought to myself, “How can I leave without tasting not just a lemon pie, but a fried lemon pie.” As the white paper bag was given to me I was warned it was “really, really hot.” Thankful for the cautious words, I took the lemon pie out of its wrapper and pulled the top corner away from the rest of its crispy bread and gooey filling. Again, the lemony contents met expectations while the outside was sweetly serving as a protective layer.

The ambiance consists of a red picnic table under a red and white walk-up overhang. Drive-thru service is available if you dare try to eat a chili dog while driving. If you are like me and don’t like to wait in line, “A Bag to Go” opens at 11 a.m., so you may want to get there for an early lunch. If you do find yourself in the vicinity, this is not a place you want to pass by.

Find “A Bag To Go” on Facebook.

408 W. Frankliln St.
Sylvester, GA 31791


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