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See Wild Adventures Press Release here.

On Thursday, September 13, 2018, Wild Adventures held a press conference detailing the expansion project that is to begin construction in October. The park will be adding two new exhibits and six new rides adding almost three acres to the Park. Alligator Alley and the Gator Crossing Rope Bridge will showcase one of the South’s most unique creatures. The goal of the exhibits is to educate those who visit the area about alligators and their habits, while giving visitors a chance to get up close and personal in a safe and controlled environment.

The new exhibits continue to promote Wild Adventures’ ultimate goal of providing visitors a chance to spend time with their families in a fun and exciting environment. The park offers immersive activities that allow visitors to participate in activities where they can become part of the fun instead of simply sitting on the sidelines and watching. These activities spark questions and encourage learning on every level. Both children and adults can learn together by participating in family-oriented events. In addition to the learning activities, the new rides will provide thrills and chills for everyone who steps in line. Flying Turtles, Swampwater Snake, Turtle Twist and Hoppin’ Gators are just a few of the new rides scheduled to be ready in March of 2019.

During the unveiling of the new plans for the park, General Manager Molly Deese said that the hopes of the Wild Adventures’ staff was that families would make “Memories worth repeating.” That the memories made during one visit, would encourage those families to return again and again to share in not only the growth of the park, but the growth of the animals and the dreams they inspire. The expansion of the park will allow for a more well-rounded experience, especially in terms of showcasing the animals that are native to the Florida/Georgia area.Wild adventures expansion

Those who attended the press conference were also given a glimpse of just how much of an impact Wild Adventures has on the South Georgia community. Not only does it employ 800 to 1000 employees throughout the year, it provides educational program that gives children (and their parents) an opportunity to experience learning activities they may not receive in a classroom setting. As a theme park, it offers families an opportunity to spend quality time together in an environment that allows them to explore and learn together.

In addition to creating a “Pre-K Free Kids’ Season Pass” program for children ages 3 to 5 years of age, they also offered free admission to the park for families who were displaced by Hurricane Florence and were staying in the area. Starting September 21, Halloween events like Kid-O-ween, will start gearing up with Christmas events following after.

Wild Adventures is located a few miles west of I-75, just off of Old Clyattville Road. Close to the midpoint between Atlanta and Orlando, families can stop for a short visit or choose to spend a few days. When you want to learn about the South Georgia area’s native habitats, Wild Adventures offers a birds’ eye view and an opportunity for some quality family time.


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