hahira needs assessent

To take the survey and let your voice be heard, go to the Hahira Community Needs Assessment

On September 20th, Pastor Mike Wells and volunteers from at least 10 Hahira churches will begin going door to door in an attempt to open the lines of communication between members of the community and businesses, local government officials, and organizations that offer products and services to Hahira citizens.

By canvassing the area and going from door to door, he hopes to reach as many people as possible, including shut-ins and those who may not otherwise have transportation or a way to connect over the internet.

Just like hospitals who are required to do a Needs Assessment every 3 years, Pastor Mike said, “We won’t know what the community needs unless we go out and ask them. The ultimate goal is to connect members of the community with the services they need. If the service isn’t already offered, we need to find a way to provide it.”

Once the questionnaires are completed, the information will be compiled and resources will be pooled to help meet local needs. On October 20th, the community will host Hahira Community Day where many of the churches and local organizations will gather to distribute items that were collected as well as provide information to community members about many of the services they were interested in. Through the completion of the Hahira Needs Assessment program, Pastor Mike hopes to open the lines of communication so that residents will have a voice in determining what services are available and working and what ones aren’t.

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