rainbows are promises

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. This is Wikipedia’s scientific explanation of what is occurring when we see a rainbow.

In recent years, the rainbow has been adopted as the symbol of certain ideological groups. In scripture, the presence of the rainbow was a message from God, appearing after the flood. God was speaking to Noah, giving him some commands and promises. In Genesis 9:13 God said, “I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” The covenant God is talking about is that He would never again flood the whole earth.

As a very small child, the rainbow had a different meaning for me. I remember someone reading the Irish Folk legend about the Leprechauns and their magic to me. The legend said that Leprechauns were these little bearded mischievous men dressed in green suits. Supposedly they could be found at the end of the rainbow with a pot of gold. If you were lucky enough to catch one, he would grant you three wishes. I can remember just wishing I could convince someone to take me to the rainbows end and then surely I could catch one!

Earlier this week, I was praying about my current situation and a major trial going on in my life. I was asking God for His help, one more time. You know sometimes you just reach a point where you don’t know what to do anymore. That’s when I get on my knees and give it all to God, as the Bible says we should. About the time I finished praying, one of my dogs needed to go out for a walk. I started out the front door, and down the stairs and then walked into the front yard. As I did, I felt as though something was guiding me to turn around and look behind me. Up in the sky was the most vividly colored rainbow I have ever seen! It had all the primary colors, even purple! And on top of that, it was a double rainbow! For me this was a confirmation from God. A sign that everything was going to be all right. He put me in the right place at the right time to see this phenomenon. It had not been raining that day, the sun was shining brightly. So I don’t see any other explanation for it. It was G-O-D.

The sign of the rainbow was meant to be “for all future generations” Genesis 9:12. When we see a rainbow now, we can let it be a reminder of our God and His indescribable beauty.

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Janine Beckner
Dana Janine Beckner is a local girl born in Mississippi but raised in South Georgia. She comes from a military family and believes strongly in her faith and family. A single mom of two sons….one in heaven, Derek Scott, and Joshua Taylor Colon, aged 21 years old. Her children are her life and her heart. She is also mom to six, yes six, furbabies, mostly rescues….the dogs are Gemma, Coco, and Red, the bloodhound. Then there are the kitties….Smokey, Ginger (aka..Sassy), and Milanee, (Mil-lah-nee) which is Hawaiian for “beautiful”) also known as “Spaz”. That’s a story in itself for the future. Currently, she works as a substitute teacher in the Lanier County School System, working with all grade levels, Pre-K through 12th grade. She resides in Lakeland at this time but hopes to come back home to Cook County, where she grew up, in the near future.


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