TIFTON – Atlanta Photographer David King brings his work to Tifton by way of Triskelion: a new photography exhibit hosted at Plough Gallery. Encompassing 3 distinct bodies of work, Triskelion spirals into one exhibition. The series includes images from “Axis”, (his thesis images from GSU), David’s current project: “En Passant”, and “Anywhere But Here”, a politically charged body of work. David and his wife Athea will be attending the Opening Reception.

David elaborates on his photography:

This body of work depicts the actions of my subconscious. These works use lucid symbolism recreating events within my own psyche; discovered through sensory deprivation, meditation, and dream interpretation. The images explore the act of contemplation and the realization of instinctive and involuntary thought and practice.

Anywhere But Here:
As an artist, I have always felt the need to visualize prominent issues within our society, both global and local. This demand started my portraiture series titled “Anywhere But Here”. This series is an allegorical response to the tribulations of current events, global ideologies, and ever spanning troubles within society.

david king plough galleryEn Passant:
This body of work started as a way not only to remember the thoughts and memories of my father, but also to understand and deal with his passing. I decided to use the chess game as a catalyst and soon the images began to embrace a more abstract idea of what the memory of this chess game was; the two opposing sides, the thoughts of my father’s duality. Parenting and war, love and suffering, life and death, killing and protecting, father and son. These ideas, things that one could say are opposing forces, exist so close to one another, and at times are the same.

David King received his MFA in Photography in 2014 from The Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design, Georgia State University.

The Opening Reception for Triskelion is Saturday, October 6, 2018 at Plough Gallery, 216 W 8th Street in Tifton, Georgia. It is free and open to the public. Additional information may be found at http://www.ploughgallery.com or by calling the gallery at 229-396-4200.


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