Hosted by Greater United Way of Valdosta, the Haven and Living Bridges, this year’s End of Summer Luau will be held on September 15 at Drexel Park. The park is located at 1401 N. Patterson St., close to downtown Valdosta and across the street from the VSU campus. It will be open from 5 pm to 9 pm and is a family-friendly event. This is a non-profit event so there will be no charge for admission.

Luke Wilson has partnered with these three local organizations to put the event together with a specific goal in mind. The Luau’s purpose is to showcase organizations in the Lowndes County/Valdosta area where individuals can seek help when it is needed or volunteer if they have a desire to help make a change.

In any community, there will always be the need for a helping hand. Whether you have experienced spousal/child abuse or know someone who has, there are organizations who can help. Veterans who may have hit a rough spot in their life, there are organizations who can guide them through. Do you know what organizations are available in Lowndes County? The End of Summer Luau is here to help you find those answers.

A few of the organizations who will be at the 2018 End of Summer Luau include:
•Living Bridges Ministry
•The Haven
•Veterans First Light
•The United Way
•Works for Good
•and many others

These organizations often go unnoticed because they spend the funds they have to help others instead of advertising. The End of Summer Luau is just one way these organizations can meet with the public and let everyone know that help is available and there are services available to those who truly need them.

The other purpose of the Luau is to allow members of the community who want to give back to the community a chance to talk to a few of the organizations that are always looking for new and motivated volunteers. Whether you offer your time, your talent, or a donation, these organizations can use what you have to offer!

The public is encouraged to visit Drexel Park on the evening of the 15th to meet with other volunteers who are looking to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Bring your family and friends. Tell your neighbors! Luke Wilson will have his DJ system and will provide the music. There will be several food vendors where attendees can purchase food and free games for the kids. It’s a family-oriented event that will touch the lives of everyone who attends. You can find out what your community has to offer and you may even discover what you have to offer to your community!

If you are interested in participating in some way, please email Luke at and Melissa Register at


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