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Stop Saying This to Anyone Considering Weight Loss Surgery

There are several phrases throughout the English language that we’re all tired of. Comparison phrases like “cold as ice” or “raining cats & dogs” are a few that could never be spoken again.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, that opinion doesn’t need to be shoved in the face of everyone around you. Especially when it comes to decisions regarding someone’s health, such as weight loss surgery. Keep your negativity in the depths of your cold little soul and we’ll all live happily ever after.

To make it easy for you, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest advice and opinions that nobody ever needs to hear again.

Take notes and enjoy.

 1. “You just need to diet and exercise more.”

Now this is a favorite because it means these people think I haven’t tried every option out there already. I’ve been overweight my whole life, that means I’ve tried lots of different ways of losing it.

 2. “I know someone who had surgery and lost a ton but then gained back even more (or died on the operating table).”

Was that someone me? Okay then, bye.

 3. “Maybe your personality won’t change like everyone else who gets it done.”

I was seriously hoping maybe I would change and be able to tolerate rudeness like that. But for now, BYE.

4. “You know they call weight loss surgery ‘the divorce maker’ right?”

Okay first of all sweetie, my marriage is absolutely none of your business. And while you’re removing your nose from my life, keep in mind that my being healthier won’t make us love each other any less.

 5. “Oh so you took the easy way out.”

Yes. Absolutely. Because having my body cut open, operated on, sewn up, and then relearning how and what to eat is a walk in the park. Ha! You need to get to a good arm-swinging length away from me right now. ARM-SWINGING LENGTH.

 6. “Surgery is so dangerous, why wouldn’t you just take diet pills instead?”

[See answer #1]

7. “Aren’t you worried about loose skin?”

If it wasn’t there before the weight loss, it won’t be there after. But again, none of your business, darlin’.

 8. “You’re too young to have surgery.”

Well, at 22 I was too young to have back surgery but here we sit. All that aside though, do you honestly believe I should spend my entire life miserable and unhealthy and THEN have surgery when I’m too old to enjoy it? Naw, I ain’t doin’ it.

 9. “Is that all you’re eating?

Um, hello. My stomach is the size of a banana. So, unless you want to see it all again a few minutes…

 10. “Are you allowed to eat that?”

[insert classic Southern eyebrow raise here] I’m a grown woman fully capable of handling my own actions. I’m “allowed” to do whatever the heck I want to, don’t even come at me with that mess.

 11. “I didn’t realize how fat you were before.”

I didn’t realize how heartless you are now.

 12. “You’re pretty for a big girl.”

Um yeah, this one didn’t hurt as much as it annoyed me. Not everyone has the same attitude I do about the opinions of others (as I care 0.00% and am confident all by myself) so don’t ever use this line again.

I’m not sharing this for anyone to feel sorry for me. (Trust me sweetheart, I’m doing great!) But there are lots of people out there who care a lot about what other people think and they let the opinions of others dictate their actions. People will live their whole lives being unhealthy and overweight because of what someone might say if they have weight loss surgery. That’s not good! If you don’t agree with them, just pray that God will lead them in the direction they are supposed to go. And that’s all you have to say!


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