The fall season is full of festivals, football, and (unfortunately) flu. Symptoms like aches, chills, and weakness usually hit fast with a fever that can last 3-4 days. Most people who get the flu can miss around 10 days of work.

To prevent the flu, the CDC recommends everyone 6 months of age and older get vaccinated every year as soon as it becomes available. The vaccine works by showing your body which strains of flu to look out for so it can build up a resistance to them.

Some people don’t get the flu shot because they believe it can give them the flu. Consider this myth busted; the strains contained in the vaccine are already inactive (dead), they have lost the ability to cause an infection.

Do your part this fall for yourself, your family, and your community and get your flu shot!

Carlie Traylor, PharmD Director of Clinical Services


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